Exploring the Gem of the Balearics (Menorca) | Ep. 21

Navika Sailing – Video #21

Hola from Menorca!

In this video, we spend a few days in Mahon, the capital of Menorca, and learn all about its rich history (including some fun facts like that mayonnaise originated here)! We do a big food shop and track down a metal worker to help us fix our vang (that broke on our passage across from Sardinia). We fall in love with the city, the beauty of the architecture and the people we meet there.

We tap and drill new holes in the mast for the fixed vang piece and once finished we sail down to the southern coast of the island – which is home to some of the most beautiful anchorages we’ve seen so far.

We pick up some friends of ours and sail to the stunning Cala Coves and explore the caves the bay has.

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