We Receive a Mysterious Gift From a Swimmer… | Ep. 6

Navika Sailing – Video #6

Welcome back 🙂

Things are starting to feel real – we’ve been so comfortable living on anchor aboard Navika in an area we know really well but it’s time to start saying our goodbyes and start preparing to leave for good!

In this video, we don’t finish all our boat projects but focus on finishing up the most critical ones that would allow us to set sail, whilst working on other jobs as we go. We treat the rest of our newly renovated teak decks with a deck sealant and we receive a beautiful random gift from a passing swimmer. We’re blown away by this random act of kindness, it made our day!

We do a final provision, use our water maker for the first time, which is super exciting. On the downside, we have some trouble with our alternator, which may need replacing…

Next week we finally leave and set sail to Corsica which is our first stop!

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