We Sail to Corsica! Our Trip Begins | Ep. 7

Navika Sailing – Video #7

We finally leave!!! After saying our goodbyes, we set off and started sailing from France to Corsica – the first stop on our trip.

We have a pretty smooth 24 hour sail from mainland France (Antibes) to North West Corsica, averaging 7 knots for the second half of the passage and enjoying a sweet sunset on arrival. I (Alex) stubbed my toe twice in the same place though – still need to get used to the heeling boat.

We are absolutely blown away by Corsica’s natural beauty and landscape.

We find our first anchorage, which we have all to ourselves and take the dinghy ashore to explore on land. We stumble across some old ruins, and head further South to Scandola National Park where we drop the hook and have an amazing free-diving session.

We finish up in Girolata, a cute village only accessible by boat and on foot, a little haven for sailors, and Lars installs our DIY guitar mount!

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