Wind Power Baby! Installing Our D400 Wind Generator | Ep. 10

Navika Sailing – Video #10

We’re still loving our time on the Western coast of Corsica and we’re slowly making our way further South. This week we mount our new D400 wind generator on the boat.

Lars has a bit of a DIY nightmare this week… trying to run our wind generator cables through the deck. He gets the screw driver stuck in the deck (how is that even possible?) and feels like King Arthur trying to pull it back out again.

We lift anchor and have yet another sweet sail with the cruising chute down to a little town called Tizzano. We go to mount our new D400 wind generator (from Eclectic Energy), but when it comes to it, we’re not actually sure if it’ll fit in the spot we have for it… We get pretty lucky though and manage to mount it and get power from it. Success!

We have a hairy ride into shore with the dinghy in Tizzano, dodging rocks left, right and centre to get to land only to find everywhere is private property.

We get our D400 wind generator up and running, it’s awesome having renewable energy onboard. We now have wind & solar, and are hoping to be as autonomous as possible once we perfect this set up. (May need a couple more solar panels… we’ll see). Now we just need to fix our leaking fridge that’s consuming all our power. 🙁

We make it to our new anchorage and eat some juicy oranges once we arrive.

Enjoy and have a good week 🙂

PS: Yay, we’ve made 10 videos! 😀