Breakfast In Bonifacio & Singing In Sardinia | Ep. 12

Navika Sailing – Video #12

In this video, we explore our final stop in Corsica, the fascinating town of Bonifacio which is right at the southern tip of the island.

We hike across and make it there for breakfast, and spend the rest of the morning strolling the narrow alleyways and taking in the incredible views from the top of the perched citadel. We start planning our next steps ahead of some strong wind coming and decide to cross the Strait of Bonifacio separating Corsica and Sardinia to hide out in Sardinia.

We have a quick stop off on some of the islands in the straits, and find a sheltered bay on Sardinia mainland for us to be able to have internet coverage.

Alex works on her music project, recording some songs aboard in Spanish and we literally enjoy the calm before the storm that will hit soon.

Listen to Alex’s MUSIC on Spotify here.

Hear the rest of the SONG “La Llorona” by Ian & Alex on Youtube here. Or listen to more of Alex’s music on Spotify.