Our Mantus Anchor Drags On Us In Sardinia! | Ep. 13

Navika Sailing – Video #13

In this video, we are in Sardinia on the Costa Smeralda which is where we headed to hide out from some strong winds that were due to blow over the next few days.

We stay onboard throughout the strong winds, gusting up to 50 knots and Lars dives on our Mantus M2 anchor to make sure it’s holding OK.

We then have a moment of panic when our neighbour from another boat rushes over to us telling us that we’ve dragged anchor. Indeed, we had dragged about 30m and had ended up behind the boat we were anchored up in front of. It’s a miracle we didn’t hit them.

Quite the scare but luckily we were OK, were able to react quickly and it didn’t happen at night. Lars then shares some thoughts on what happened, what went wrong and what we could’ve done differently.

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