Dodging Rocks & Exploring an Abandoned Island (Sardinia) | Ep. 17

Navika Sailing – Video #17

Ahoy! We’re on the Northern coast of Sardinia in this video, sailing around the Maddalena islands with our friends. We leave from Palau, go to the exclusive small resort of Porto Rafael, then head across to the beautiful Maddalena islands, which is a national park with incredible beaches.

We have some friends spend the week with us, we drop the hook in Cala Coticcio, and we dodge lots of rocks, trying to enter through the shallow passage named ‘Dead Man’s Passage’ which is in between the 3 islands of Razzoli, Budelli and Santa Marta. We do some beach yoga on Razzoli and enjoy the sunset. We sail across to Spargi, Lars goes free diving and marks our anchor chain every 5 metres with line and we go for an evening explore on land. We’re the only people on the island, and we find an abandoned network of old bunkers… which creeped us out a bit but was exciting..!

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