Cruising With a FULL HOUSE Around Sardinia & Corsica | Ep. 18

Navika Sailing – Video #18

Hello, welcome back! We’re in the Maddalena islands, which are beautiful, paradise-like islands off the Northern coast of Sardinia. We pick Alex’s brother up, making a grand total of us 5 on the boat! The most we’ve ever had on the boat! It’s nice and cozy but it works.

We have an accident with the dinghy… so Lars spends a lot of time trying to get the outboard to work again. We sail back to Corsica for the day, and visit the the stunning island of Lavezzu. We check out the cemetery with some creepy history and have an amazing swim the next day. Then we sail back to Sardinia, and sail west towards Stintino.

The water maker has an issue on the way and then we manage to lose all our water onboard. We make it to the fishing village of Stintino for a final evening with our friends before saying goodbye!

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