48 Hours in Asinara: Donkeys & High Security Prisons | Ep. 19

Navika Sailing – Video #19

Ciao! In this video, we’re in Sardinia and we sail to the incredibly unique and odd island of Asinara just off the northwestern coast of Sardinia. Asinara is pretty much uninhabited, and is a national park, home to lots of wildlife (including donkeys, and a rare population of white albino donkeys) but was also home to one of the most important high-security prisons in Italy up until recently. You can’t anchor here though, and have to pay for a mooring buoy, but it’s worth the visit.

We go for an explore, visit the old prison, learn all about the island’s history, swim in one of the unspoiled paradise-like beaches, and hike up to the highest point of the island. We spend a total of 48 hours on the island and it felt so amazing to be so disconnected from society for that time! This is our last stop in Sardinia before we set sail for Menorca in the Balearics.

Thanks for following along!