The Stupidest Mistake that Almost Puts us in Danger | Ep. 32

Navika Sailing – Video #32

Welcome back.

In this video, we start off in La Duquesa, a port not far from Gibraltar in Southern Spain. We spend a few days on land, whilst we decide whether to continue west to the Atlantic or spend the next couple of months in Southern Spain and cross next year. We get caught in a rainstorm one day and start the 24 hour sail to Almerimar.

We have an amazing sail and make good time, averaging over 6 knots UNTIL… the wind completely dies and we go to turn our engine out only to have it die on us  and we have to figure out why and try and fix it at sea… Things get hairy and we have to anchor under sail in huge swell and winds of 30+ knots.

Thanks for watching