Where to Next? We’re Sailing Again | Ep. 31

Navika Sailing – Video #31

Hey! Welcome back.

In this video, we’re in the marina in Almerimar (filmed in November – we’ve got some delay on the videos but slowly but surely catching up to real time). We’re happy to be back in the water after having hauled out. We got our new interior cushions made, we buy some foldable bikes, and make progress on some other boat jobs (like getting our rigging checked, replacing our forestay, getting a new reef in the main).

We go for another beautiful hike inland (close to the Sierra Nevada) and we go and visit one of the hundreds of vegetable greenhouses in the area. It’s so interesting to see how the vegetable industry works and get a glimpse into this universe – which is in fact where most of Europe’s vegetables come from. We then get ready to leave Almerimar and aren’t sure what our plan is next.

We finally decide to head further west towards Gibraltar area before making a decision. We have a sweet light wind sail over there, with the spinnaker up and a visit from dolphins it’s pretty ideal. We finally arrive in La Duquesa marina, still not sure whether to continue West and cross the Atlantic or hang back a year or so and winter in Spain…

Thanks for following along!